The whole world has gone video. Soon enough 90% of all web traffic will be video. Video has become the the most powerful internet communication medium. It’s higher resolution than TV, (up to 3 times better than HD if you’re watching 4k full frame) and don’t forget the only investment required these days is to actually make that content.

There’s no charge to distribute it or buy any TV media or cinema slots to put it ‘out’ there. Back in the old days 90% of a commercial productions budget was kept aside for buying media space. Nowadays, if you know your market, you can save almost all of that money.

With YouTube currently the worlds second largest search engine, the way we “surf,” and the way we make buying decisions, is changing. 65% of consumers will visit a brand’s website and make a purchase decision after being taken on an engaging and emotional visual journey with a start, middle and end.

In other words, after they watched a film.

Every day more video / film is uploaded online than Hollywood created in over 50 years of film production in the first half of the 20th century.

You’re looking at the future. Just think how much easier this article would have been to digest if it had been a video.

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