This is a DVD release documentary film about the fine art of fly fishing, the two handed type, otherwise known as Spey Casting. It stars the fabulous, and three times world champion, Scott MacKenzie. The film was shot in Scotland, on the River Ness, the River Spey and the River Findhorn and also out in Canada, on the epic Miramiche. It runs over 90 minutes long and has made quite a substantial profit (allegedly). It was available on Amazon and Play.com…

Highlight of the Shoot:
There were loads of highlights. Flying up the Ness in a helicopter 15 feet off the water as Scott cast huge lines would be one.
Chartering a turbo prop to escape the wilderness of Canada after a week of isolation would be another. (The location boasted eleven churches and no bar).

Lowlight of the Shoot:
The only reason we went to Canada was because the Miramiche river has some of the highest Salmon runs anywhere in the world. That summer the river was very warm, so had low oxygen levels, meaning all the fish were sitting at the estuary waiting for cooler weather. We had 19 rods for five days and nobody caught anything!

Camera System: Panasonic VaricamSony HDCam.
Grading: Quantel Iq.

Client Brief:
Make the best spey casting instructional film of all time.