We shot this commercial for Leeds Heritage in the Clink Museum, on the South Bank of the river Thames. It was great fun to cast. We discovered a Monty Python-esque actor to star in it. Shot on the stedicam for flexibility and a ‘live’ feel – with the time saved using this equipment, we concentrated on lighting it magnificently and delivered the atmosphere of the set in the final film.


Highlight of the Shoot:

Watching the make up artist and stylist transform a 50 year old normal looking actor into a medieval prisoner. The transformation was spectacular. I should have shot it as a time lapse.

Lowlight of the Shoot:

His moustache dropped off just after he’d delivered a slam dunk of a performance. This lowlight was pretty funny!


Camera System: Panasonic Varicam Grading: Quantel Iq

Client Brief:

Leeds Armoury had an exhibition about Tudor punishment and cruelty that had disastrously low numbers of visitors. We made this commercial to promote it and just seven days later they had to pull it off air due to a 2,000% increase in entrance receipts.