We shot this film in the mountains around Mijas, in the south of Spain. It happened really fast. Just six days from the sign off pre production meeting in London to wrapping the shoot in Mijas town, (including travel, recce’s and two hectic 16 hour filming days). Sometimes you have to jump pretty high to get the job done. This was one of those times.

Highlight of the Shoot:

Getting the shot of the BMW, in slow motion, appearing through the heat haze, away in the distance. Exactly like the storyboard. Magic.

Lowlight of the Shoot:

The flight home. ((


Camera System : Panasonic Varicam
Grading: Quantel Iq

Client Brief:

The global investment leader wanted to inspire their employees to think of JP Morgan like car fans think of BMW. Growing up with a brand and taking ownership of it in adulthood. The film opened a huge event in Athens. (Agency legend has it that it received a standing ovation).