First and foremost, I’m creative. I realised this in 1993, when I worked on a game called Grand Theft Auto - which went on to become one of the biggest games of all time.

After this, I decided to learn broadcast TV post production and became an online editor for the BBC. It was just a short step on into more creative industries such as advertising and feature film marketing.

They were exciting times. But I wanted to do more for myself. So I started writing and directing in 1999 and haven’t looked back. Its great fun, to do something you love, even if sometimes it’s tough.

I have skills too.

I can fly an AVID. I’ve got over 20 years’ experience on the desk.

Trained as a BBC cameraman, I know how to run cameras, however I usually leave that job to the specialists.

Writing is the lynchpin of everything in a creative campaign. As a copywriter I’ve created campaigns for big studios, fashion houses and most recently a Caribbean TelCo who are moving into education.

I’ve worked in big Soho movie post production houses, and I can post-production supervise across all the departments, whether it’s audio, music, 3D, design or grading.

Directing is a passion of mine, from music promos to global campaigns for corporations including Mars and JP Morgan and high end TV.

These days I combine all of the experience and skills I’ve learned into one role.

Creative Direction.

I help creative teams realise their ideas and provide them a few things they may not have thought of. And use creativity to solve business problems.

Simon Smyth – Freelance Creative